Free cost-reduction specialist for your overheads!

Buying task forces are naturally focussed on direct costs. When it comes to your core business, how could an outsider buy better than you ?

However, overheads (office supplies, phone lines, insurances, electricity, gas, fuel, cleaning costs, etc.) tend to be overlooked. Those numerous, intentionally complex and changing cost categories are time-consuming, while they are never a priority for your business. Is this really worth spending your time on ?

Your dedicated cost killer now…

Thanks to our day-to-day monitoring, you will benefit from the best available prices and practices, and grasp instantly the best opportunities. Our unique expertise network will advise you to:

  • get only what you really need
  • reduce your consumption
  • pay the right price

We will bring your existing supplier to deliver what you really need and to offer you continuously the best available prices.

… at no risk and only success fee.

We offer you an entirely no-risk opportunity: you keep control on every decision in the process. Cherry on the cake : we work on a purely contingency basis ! We share the savings, i.e. you pay us nothing but a success fee. Call us, now !