Books by Xavier Leclercq

Buyer-Seller: erotic play ?

Colorful couples: funny, lovely, cynical and acurate views on our business relations.

An icebreaker present!

(New 2019 Kindle-edition !)

Career management

Be your own coach! This concentrate of experience may help you save a few years in your life…

(Chiron, 2006)

Buy better than your competitor

Practical and simple: efficient and easy to implement corrective actions guide… Read it before your competitor!

(Chiron, 2001)

How to negociate intellectual services

Focus on this specific category. Not really like buying apples…

(Dunod, 2002)

B2B contracts

How to build efficient B2B contracts. How to understand and get what you need from your legal department. Discover the sharpest contractual techniques to date!

(Chiron, 2002)

Strategic management of competition in crisis times

Everything about horizontal and vertical alliances. Visionary strategy.

(Maxima, 1993)